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Trinity Stone 20-30mm

Trinity Stone Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite & Almandine Garnet

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Chiastolite Tumble Stone A+ Set of 1 to 10 – Grounding and Protective Stones

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The Tumble Stone Crystal Quartz Collection - Over 70 Types

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The Tumble Stone Crystal Quartz Collection – Over 70 Types

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  • Tumble Stone Crystal Quartz – Over 70 Types
  • Tumbled for a polished finish
  • Ideal for crystal enthusiasts, jewelry making, and home decor.
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The Tumble Stone Crystal Quartz is a collection of over *70 types of small stones, ranging in size from 10-20mm in length.

Each stone is made of high-quality crystal quartz, known for its clarity and healing properties.

These stones are perfect for crystal enthusiasts, jewelry making, or as decorative accents.

Each stone has been tumbled to create a smooth and polished finish, enhancing their natural beauty.

Whether you are looking to expand your crystal collection or want to add a touch of elegance to your home.

These Tumble Stones are the perfect choice.

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10 x Mixed Stones, 100 x Mixed Stones, 25 x Mixed Stones, 5 x Mixed Stones, 5-10mm Random Stone, 50 x Mixed Stones, Agate Black Onyx, Agate Blue Lace, Agate Blue Onyx, Agate Brazil, Agate Carnelian, Agate Carnelian Eye, Agate Carnelian Mozambique, Agate Flour, Agate Jasper Obsidian Quartz, Agate Laguna Lace, Agate Moss, Agate Pink Banded, Agate Pink Moss, Agate Striped, Agate Tree, Agate Turritella, Agate White, Agatised Coral A, Amazonite, Amber Colombia, Amber Lithuania, Amethyst, Amethyst Banded A, Amethyst Banded B, Amethyst Banded C, Amethyst Chevron, Amethyst Dark, Amethyst Lilac, Amethyst Med Dark, Amethyst Zebra, Angelite, Apache Tears, Apatite, Aventurine Green, Aventurine Light, Aventurine Peach, Aventurine Red, Aventurine White, Aventurine Yellow, Beryl BB, Black Tourmaline, Blood Garnet, Bloodstone A, Bloodstone B, Bronzite, Buddstone, Calcite Mangano, Calcite Orange, Cat’s Eye, Chaffite, Chalcedony Blue A, Chalcedony Blue C, Chalcedony Blue D, Chalcedony Green, Chiastolite, Chrastolite, Chrysocolla AA, Chrysocolla B, Chrysocolla C, Chrysoprase D, Citrine Natural, Citrine Quartz A, Citrine Quartz B, Citrine Quartz Madeira, Citron B, Copper, Dumortierite Denim Blue, Emerald C, Epidot Snowflake, Fluorite, Fluorite Rainbow, Garnet, Garnet Limestone, Girasol, Girasol Pink, Goldstone Blue, Goldstone Red, Goldstone Red Brown, Haematite, Howlite Blue, Howlite White, Hypersthene Erroan Enstatite, Jade Black, Jade Nephrite A, Jasper Blue Dot, Jasper Brecciated, Jasper Brecciated Dark, Jasper Brecciated Light, Jasper Dalmatian, Jasper Dalmatian Blue, Jasper Dalmatian Green, Jasper Dalmatian Purple, Jasper Dalmatian Red, Jasper Dalmatian Yellow, Jasper Dalmation, Jasper Dalmation Blue, Jasper Dalmation Green, Jasper Dalmation Purple, Jasper Dalmation Red, Jasper Dalmation Yellow, Jasper Dragon Stone, Jasper Dragons Blood, Jasper Guinea Fowl, Jasper Kalahari Desert, Jasper Kambamba, Jasper Kiwi, Jasper Leopard Skin, Jasper Maligano, Jasper Mookaite, Jasper New Flame, Jasper Nguni, Jasper Ocean, Jasper Old Flame, Jasper Orbicular, Jasper Polychrome, Jasper Rainforest, Jasper Red, Jasper Red Striped, Jasper Silverleaf, Jasper Spider Web, Jasper Yellow, Jet, K2 Light, Kyanite Blue, Labradorite, Labradorite AA, Lapis Lazuli, Lapis Lazuli A, Lapis Lazuli B, Lapis Lazuli C, Lapis Lazuli D, Lepidolite B, Lepidolite C, Magnesite, Malachite, Malacolla, Mexican Agate, Mix -76, Mixed, Moonstone Colours, Moonstone Green, Moonstone Pastel, Moonstone Peach, Moonstone Rainbow, Moonstone White, Morganite Peach A, Nundoorite, Obsidian Apache Tears, Obsidian Black, Obsidian Mahogony, Obsidian Sheen, Obsidian Snowflake, Obsidian Snowflake 8-15mm, Opal Pink A, Opal Pink B, Opal Pink C, Opalite ( Glass ), Organza Bag, Petrified Wood, Prasiolite A, Prasiolite B, Prehnite A, Prehnite D, Prehnite F, Pyrite, Quartz Aura Clear, Quartz Black Rutilated, Quartz Blue, Quartz Citrine, Quartz Citrine Madeira 8-15mm, Quartz Clear, Quartz Fire, Quartz Girasol, Quartz Girasol Rose Pink, Quartz Golden Healer, Quartz Green, Quartz Haematoid Red, Quartz Haematoid Yellow, Quartz Ice, Quartz Lion Skin, Quartz Milky, Quartz Rose, Quartz Rose AV, Quartz Rose K, Quartz Rutilated A, Quartz Rutilated B, Quartz Smoky A, Quartz Smoky Irradiated, Quartz Snow, Quartz Tourmalinated B, Quartz White, Rhodonite, Rhodonite A, Rhodonite B, Rock Crystal A, Rock Crystal B, Rock Crystal C, Rock Crystal Ice, Ruby in Zoisite, Seftonite, Seftonite African Bloodstone, Selenite, Serpentine A Bowenite, Serpentine B, Serpentine Med Green, Shungite, Sodalite, Sodalite A, Sodalite B, Sodalite Sunset, Sunstone, Tiger Eye, Tiger Eye Blue, Tiger Eye Gold, Tiger Eye Multi, Tiger Eye Red, Topaz Blue A, Topaz Blue B, Topaz Silver A, Topaz Silver B, Tourmaline Black, Transvaal Jade, Trinity Stone, Turqurenite, Unakite, Zebra Marble


Apatite, Sodalite, Agate


Mixed, Assorted, Wholesale


Chakra, focal points of awareness, religious empowerment


Note: Obsidian Snowflake 8-15mm, Small (10-20mm)


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