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200g Mixed Tumble Stones

100 Assorted Polished Tumble Stones

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The Tumble Stone Crystal Quartz Collection – Over 70 Types

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Trinity Stone 20-30mm

Trinity Stone Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite & Almandine Garnet

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Trinity Stone Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite & Almandine Garnet

£4.16£24.99 + VAT

  • Trinity Stone Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite & Almandine Garnet
  • A powerful combination of gemstones for emotional healing, communication, and grounding
  • Perfect addition to you crystal collection or a great gift
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Our Trinity Stone are between 20-30mm in length randomly chosen.

Trinity Stone is a rare beauty, containing the properties and energies of 3 minerals Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite and Almandine Garnet.

Vibrant, silvery green Fuchsite Mica, iridescent shimmers of Blue Kyanite and flecks of lustrous Red Almandine Garnet make the Trinity Stone a desirable gift or collector’s item.

Fuchsite gets its wonderful green colour from the chromium it contains.

The colour ranges from a pale, silvery shade to a deeper green that lifts and revives the spirits.

Fuchsite is said to help solve problems. It is also believed to help us see and accept the flaws in people, whilst retaining a compassionate touch.

Blue kyanite opens the Throat Chakra, as well as the Bindu Visarga.

It is believed to open up channels of communication and allow us to express ourselves calmly.

Blue kyanite is also believed to open, cleanse and active all of the chakras.

Almandine Garnet is believed to be a strongly regenerative healing stone bringing strength and stamina.

It is said to open the higher mind and initiates charity and compassion.

It energises from the Root Chakra up, and helps to eliminate unhealthy inhibitions.

It can be used as an aid in transformation.

These three powerful healing minerals come together beautifully in one stone, hence the name ‘Trinity Stone’.

Tumblestones bring to you the beauty of rocks, minerals and gemstones, which are usually difficult to appreciate in their natural state.

Tumbling, a long process of smoothing and polishing, reveals the wonderful colour and form of these natural treasures that are so often hidden deep in the earth.

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Trinity Stone


1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100


Enstatite Ferrosilite, Quartz, Crystal tumblestone

Secondary Stone

Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite, Almandine Garnet


Chakra, focal points of awareness, religious empowerment


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